Questions and Answers

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese form of energy work that causes no harm. It helps to accelerate the healing process. You have energy in every cell in your body and between your cells. If the energy gets blocked, diminished or damaged from too much stress, trauma, negativity, illness, life style choices or surgeries, then your body can be impacted in some specific way. Reiki helps to restore energy and repair energetic damage bringing the body back into balance so that all those reproductive parts can play their role. Reiki can be done hands on or from a distance. Either way, it works the same. Reiki is powerful, yet gentle.

How does distance Reiki work? How do you access my energy when we are not even talking on the phone?

In Reiki level II practitioners are taught several techniques to do distance Reiki. As long as I have your name and your location, I can send it to you. It is like your cell phone that is not even plugged into a line, if someone has your number, they can call you. There is really no explanation that I can give you on how it works. You would not understant it. You would need to be a Reiki II practitioner. I know from my many years of experience that it does work.

Do all Reiki practitioners work with fertility clients?

Some Reiki practitioners work part-time and see a variety of issues. Others who do Reiki full-time usually work with a variety of issues as well. Not many people specilize their skillset. I was fortunate enough to attract a lot of fertility clients that has given me more insight on how to focus my work. I also work outside the Reiki toolbox to use all the information that I have learned from chakra balancing, hara line repair, medical intuitive, and other modalities to help my clients. I specialize in fertility, eye issues, and brain trauma. I work on other types of issues as well.

What kind of issues create energy blocks to getting pregnant?

Emotional energy stuck around sexual abuse
Emotional energy stuck around past abortions
Energy blocking that is left over from times when you did not want to get pregnant
Damage from having judgment or guilt about sex
Energetic damage from car accidents, trauma, falls and past surgeries
Energy blocked from carrying anger or resentment
Energy disassociated from the body from abuse

When is the best time to schedule a fertilty assessment?

The best case scenario is a month prior to IUI or IVF; otherwise, if you are going the route , anytime is good. In order for me to support your round of IUI or IVF, a fertility assessment must be done prior.

How do you work with IVF clients?

After the fertlity assessment, I offer a separate package of Reiki sessions to support the IVF round. I start sending Reiki the day before you start the IVF process and I do Reiki once or twice a day to support the growth of healthy follicles with healthy eggs. I send Reiki through the fertilization process and three days growing in the dish.

If I am trying naturally, how would you work with me after the fertility assessment?

It just depends on whether or not you need any additional work. Additional sessions to support an increase in the ovaries functioning better might be needed. We could discuss how Reiki could help you meet your goals.

Does Reiki help increase the chances of the egg implanting?

With a healthy environment the chances are increased. However, at the point the fertilized eggs are put into the uterus, the rest is destiny. Reiki is not the determining factor to whether or not your embryo is going to adhere to your lining.

Can you tell if I am pregnant?

I do not offer my thoughts on if you are pregnant or not. The energetic imprint of the embryo is so small that I do not dare offer my opinion. That is what the pregnancy tests are for.

How else can Reiki help in the fertilty process?

Reiki helps to reduce stress keeping the woman calm as she goes through the different processes. Reiki helps on the emotional and mental levels as well as the physical level. You might even notice other issues not related to fertility clearing and healing.