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Many women are trying to get pregnant but have known or unknown issues that keep them from having a baby. Couples spend thousands of dollars each year trying to resolve the issues that keep them from their reproductive goals. You probably have already tried one or two rounds of IVF or IUI, acupuncture, supplements, and dietary changes.

I work with women who experience fertility/reproductive challenges. I am an energy expert. I have been working with energy for over 30 years. Many of my clients are now happy parents. I use my skillset to: unblock the pathways that impact fertility, to encourage your ovaries to produce healthy eggs, and to repair past damage from stress, abuse, and traumas. I also work with women who have a history of getting pregnant but then having miscarriages.

When the body is in balance, your reproductive system can perform better. I work with women who are trying naturally, doing IUI, IVF, or working out issues prior to becoming pregnant. I also work with women who have other issues that impact fertility such as uterine linings that are too thin from previous IUD usage.

How I work. I work with women and men ages 18 to 46. First I do a fertility assessment. I do these either in person or from a distance. Most of my clients are at a distance around the world. I work around their schedule. In a fertility assessment I look at how the body’s energy is or is not supporting fertility and then I do the repair work that is needed. I also work with the ovaries in which I call this ovary rejuvenation. This helps to get the ovaries in alignment with the reproductive program. The next day, I do another session to look at how the energy held and if there is more work that I need to do. Then I do it. On the third day we talk about what was discovered and repaired and how to go forward.

If a client is doing IUI or IVF, I offer sessions or packages to support those processes. If this interests you, you can sign up for a fertility assessment or you can email me at reikidawn at

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